Hey there, I’m Colton Orr. I’m an Acting BFA major at UVU. 


As the son of a dancer, I have been performing on the stage since I was a child. I began taking acting classes when I was in middle school.  With 2 brothers working as artists and a step-dad who is a performing musician,  I understand the dedication it takes to achieve excellence in the arts. In high school, I dedicated hundreds of hours to the theatre department participating in many shows. I also took advanced choir and private voice lessons. Academically, I kept myself busy with AP classes and graduated with a 3.9 and a 31 on the ACT.  Currently, I am a BFA acting student at UVU, where I learn from exceptional educators , express myself as a contratenor and work as a carpenter in the Noorda Scene Shop.

I am always thinking and wondering about the future.  I am eager to create a dynamic, rewarding career. Not everyone has the drive and the sense to make this career work, but I won't take no for an answer. My passion is using stories to improve peoples lives. Whether thats film, the stage, or picture, I hope to help people see themselves more clearly.

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